Scope of the activities
Details of the Schemes
Financial Schemes

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Category 1 : Schemes for Weaker Sections of Society
  a. Schedule castes/Tribes
  b. Physically challenged
Category 2. : Special Schemes
  c. Self Employment for Ex-servicemen
  a. Women Entrepreneurs under MUN
  b. Qualified Professionals
  c. Composite Loans
  d. Household activities
  e. Self Employment for Ex-servicemen
Category 3. : (A) General/ Service Section
  a. Manufacturing Activities
  b. Development, Construction and Maintenance of Roads.
  c. Installation of Renewable Energy Saving System
  d. Hospital/Nursing Homes/Health care centers/Diagnostic Centres
  e. Tourism Related Activities
  f. Hotels and Restaurants
  g. Hi-tech Commercial Farming/Tissue Culture/fish farming etc.
  h. Computer Centres for training & software development
  i. Rehabilitation of sick units
  j. Modernisation
  k. Equipment Financing
  l. Small Road Transport Operators Schemes (SRTO)
  m. Relocation of industries
  n. Marketing support to SSI/Cottage & Village Indus, by Setting up of sales outlets/mobiles sales vans
Category 3. : (B) Working Capital Assistance Schemes
  a. Single Window Scheme (SWS)
  b. Short-term financial assistance scheme (STWC)
  c. Working Capital Term loan (WCTL)
  (C) Quality upgradation Schemes
  a. Scheme for Technology Dev. & Modernisation of SSI units (STDM)
  b. Scheme for Acquisition of ISO 9000 Series Certification
  c. Scheme for Textile Industry under Technology Upgradation (TUFS)
New Schemes
  a. National Equity Fund
  b. Capital Subsidy Scheme
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