Scope of the activities
Details of the Schemes

Untitled Document Loans are admissible for undermentioned activities:
  1. Computer software and hardware;
  2. Manufacturing, preservation and processing of goods;
  3. Tourism related activities like setting up of Amusements Parks, Cultural/Convention Centre, Travel, Transport and Tourist Service agencies etc.;
  4. Service Sector Units like Computer and Video Software Development, Xeroxing, Fax and Telex units, Cable operation, Dry-cleaning, Boarding and Lodging Houses etc., Office equipment, Tourist homes, Sales outlets and showrooms, Marketing support to SSI units, Construction of commercial complex;
  5. Diagnostic Center, Nursing Homes, Tissue Culture, Pathological & Clinical Labs;
  6. Hotel and Restaurants;
  7. Transportation of passengers and goods;
  8. Generation and distribution of electricity or any other form of power;
  9. Maintenance, repair, testing or servicing of machinery of any description or vehicle, trailers or tractors;
  10. Assembling, repairing or packing any article with the aid of machinery or power;
  11. Setting up or development of an Industrial area or Industrial estate;
  12. Providing weigh bridge facilities;
  13. Providing special or technical knowledge of other services for the promotion of industrial growth;
  14. Research and development of any process or product in relation of any of the matter aforesaid;
  15. Development, maintenance and construction of roads;
  16. New Mobile Sales Vans for stocking, display and sale of product of cottage and village industries;
  17. Sale outlets mainly to stock and sell the products of small, cottage and village industries;
  18. Setting up of coal briquetting plants;
  19. Installation of safety lockers;
  20. EPABX telephone exchange;
  21. Technology Development & Modernisation;
  22. Acquisition of ISO 9000 series certification by SSI units;
  23. Marketing and trading activities;
  24. Such other activities as may be approved by the IDBI/SIDBI;
  25. Providing engineering, technical, financial, management, marketing or other services or facilities for industry.
  26. Providing medical, health & other allied services.
  27. Providing software or hardware services related to Information Technology, telecommunications or electronics. Including satellite linkage & audio or visual cable communication.
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