Ans:-  Sh. Chetan B. Sanghi, IAS Chairman-cum-Managing Director of the Corporation.

Ans:- DFC was established in April 1967 under the State Financial Corporation Act 1951.

Ans:- The business domain of DFC consist of small scale industrial unit ( Units in which the investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs. 10 million) and medium scale industry including service and transport industries. However, DFC does not finance new medium scale industrial units in Union Territory of Delhi in consonance with the industrial policy of Delhi Government.

Ans:- The objectives of DFC is to extend financial assistance to MSME and service sector enterprises in the small & medium scale in  NCT of  Delhi and UT of Chandigarh.

Ans:- The working hours are from 9.30am To 6.00pm with lunch break from 1.30 pm to 2.00pm in Delhi and from 9.30am to 5.30pm at Chandigarh. However, visitors are welcome to meet any officer between 11.00am to 1.00pm without any prior appointment. The visitors can also meet any officer at any time after seeking prior appointment also.

Ans:- DFC schemes can be broadly divided into following categories.
i) Schemes for the weaker section of the society
ii) Schemes for special category
iii) Schemes for general category
iv) New schemes
For details about the scheme under these broad categories, please referred to our website under the Financial Schemes.

Ans:- Yes please, there is a special scheme for SC / ST in which proprietor or partnership units of SC/ST persons can avail loan upto a max. Rs. 5 lacs with minimum contribution of 25% only. Further, 1% concession in the rate of interest is also given for loans exceeding Rs. 2.00 lacs and upto Rs. 3.00 lacs. It is also important to note no promotors contribution is needed for loan upto Rs. 1.00 lacs under SC/ST scheme.

Ans:- Yes please, we do have a scheme for physically challenged persons where individual or partners can avail loan upto Rs. 50.000/- without any promoters contribution and max. loan upto Rs. 5.00 lacs at 5% promoters contribution.


a) For Preliminary Quarries    ---   Please contact

i) Recovery Division                         -   Sh. Sandeep Kumar, Dy.Genl. Mgr, Tel. No. 28525430
ii) Business Promotion Division         -   Sh. S.K. Agarwal,  Asstt. Gen.Manager, Tel. No. 28525045


iii) Chandigarh, B.O.                         -  Sh.Sh. S.K. Agarwal, AGM, Tel. No. 28525045 


10. Is there any special scheme for qualified professionals. ?

Ans:- Yes pl, there is a scheme for qualified professionals where consultancy ventures/ professional setup can be established by Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, management consultants etc. Soft loan upto 25% of cost of profect not exceeding Rs. 10.00 lacs and Term loan upto 65% can be financed for projects having max. captal outlay of Rs. 50 lacs Effective interest rate is around 10.8% p.a.

Ans:- Under modernization scheme, loan assistance is provided to existing profit making SSI units for upgradation of technology resulting in less consumption of power & increase in qualitative productivity or for reduction in pollution etc. Loans are made available on concessional rates for project outlays upto Rs. 100 lacs with promoters contribution of only 20%.

Ans:- Yes please there is a special scheme for women entrepreneurs called Mahila Udhyam Nidihi (MUN) where women entrepreneurs, independently or with more than 60% share held as managing partner in Joint Venture with others, can avail loan to set up new projects upto project outlays of Rs. 10 lacs with promoters contribution of 10% only. Soft loan upto 25% of the COP is made available at 1% service charge p.a. and thereby offering effective interest rate of 10.40% p.a. approx.

Ans:- Interest Rate Structure:-

The Corporation has adopted fixed interest rate regime and the interest is charged on reducing balance basis. The prevailing interest rate is 13%  p.a.  However, the interest rate for DAMB shops has been fixed at 12%  p.a.  DFC  also grants rebate of 0.75% p.a.  in interest rate in the following cases :-   a) Units which have been rated among the top three credit ratings given by CRISIL/ ICRA/ SMERA and that the credit rating given by the agency is valid on the date of application. b) The existing borrowers of the Corporation who were standard asset during the last three years. c) The past clients of the Corporation whose loan remained standard during the tenure of loan. d) Any other deserving case as decided by the CMD. The above interest rate structure will be effective for disbursements to be made w.e.f. 28.03.2011. It is subject to change from time to time. 2. Additional interest @ 2.5% p.a is charged on the defaulted amount and for the period of default. Any change in the rate of interest at the time of first disbursement on the directives of the RBI/SIDBI will be applicable even if the loan has been sanctioned and mortgage/Hypothecation deed has been executed 3. Interest is charged on EMI/ quarterly basis depending upon the scheme of financing. Further, during the moratorium period, interest is charged and recovered on monthly/ quarterly basis as per the financing scheme 4. The repayment of loan availed by borrower (disbursed amount and not sanctioned amount) is recovered along with normal interest changed on daily product basis and additional interest in case of delay

14. I want to buy an industrial unit acquired by DFC. Tell me whom to contact pl. ?

Ans:- You may contact (DGM) Recovery at our head office for Delhi units and Sr. Manager (B.O) for units located in Chandigarh.

Under Small Road Transport Operator Scheme, one can purchase upto 20 commercial vehicles (including existing if any). Loan is available for complete vehicle which has to be registered with STA Delhi or Chandigarh as per location of the unit. Minimum Promoters contribution is 15% only.

Ans:- The Corporation secures loans by taking suitable third party guarantors independently and or in combination with collateral securities of tangible assets or immovable properties depending upon the quantum of loans. For details, please refer to the Loan Security Norms at our website.

Ans:- Uniform processing fee of 15% . For further details please refer our PROCESSING FEE STRUCTURE at our website.

Ans:- In general, loans are sanctioned and disbursed within 10 day to 47 days depending upon the nature of industry and size of the loans and guarantee/collateral securities offered. Details can be referred to PROCESS OF SANCTION & DISBURSEMENT under the head Citizen Charter of our website.

Ans:- Repayment schedules are fixed by the corporation after taking into account the profitability estimates, cash generation and debt servicing capacity of the unit and normally varies from 5 to 10 years. A moratorium (for repayment of installments of principal) ranging from 4 to 12 months is allowed from the date of execution of the security documents. During this period, only interest is recovered on quarterly basis. Under SRTO, the loan is repayable over a priod of 5 years (including initial 4 months moratorium) on the basis of EMI.

Ans:- You can seek assistance of CONSULTANCY CELL of the corporation in case you have no project report. The corporation makes available the services of Consultancy Cell to facilitate guidance in filling up of application forms, self-appraisaql forms etc. and also provide project profiles at very nominal cost. Details of the customers facilitation services can be referred to the CONSULTANCY CELL of our web site.

Ans:- Details of the documents and the information needed from sanctions, legal documentation to disbursement can be referred to our website under the head Documentations.

Ans:- There are no hidden costs except processing fee and computation of interest on you loan account in normal course of operations. However, in case of default you would be charged additional interest on prescribed rates.

Ans:- DFC has no mandate to give personal loan.

Ans:- Asstt. General Manager, Sh. S.K. Agarwal.  He can be contacted at Telephone No. 28525045.

Ans:- The corporation can sanction maximum financial assistance upto Rs. 10.00 crore to companies and cooperative societies and upto Rs. 4.00 crore to partnership and proprietorship concerns. However, the limit of assistance can go up to four times with the prior approval of the Small Industrial Development Bank of India.



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