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                Irrigation & Flood Control Department is entrusted with the responsibility of providing irrigation facilities to the farmers of rural villages of Delhi through Effluent received from Sewage Treatment Plant as well as through a Network of State tube-wells available in the rural areas, maintaining the embankments constructed along on bothsides of river Yamuna in the jurisdiction of Govt. of NCT of Delhi,maintenance of 61 Nos. storm water drains in the various Districts ofGovt. of NCT of Delhi e.g, Supplementary drain, Najafgarh Drain, Trunk Drain No.I & Trunk Drain No. II, Gazipur drain, Pankha Road Drain,Palam Drain, Nasirpur Drain, Mungeshpur Drain, Nangloi Drain etc.,including construction of bridges over these drains.Integrated Development of Rural Villages falling in the NCT of Delhi which includes construction of village link roads, cremation grounds,Panchayat Ghars, Chaupals, Barat Ghars, Community Centres, Protection of Gaon Sabha land etc. and work on behalf of forest deptt. & Animal Husbandary deptt. are also taken up by this department. Besides this, Irrigation & Flood Control Deptt. is also equipped with machinery such as draglines, bulldozers, dredger and heavy duty electrical and diesel pump sets which are utilized for removal of drainage congestion during monsoon from low lying areas.

        Irrigation & Flood Control Department has also been entrusted with additional responsibilities of execution of various development works on behalf of other departments of Govt. of NCT of Delhi viz. Repair& Construction of Veterinary hospitals and dispensaries,development of SC/ST Basties, protection of forest land in Ridge area& other areas, other allied works of Forest Deptt., Urban Dev.Deptt. and works related to Trans Yamuna Development Board.


1. Ensuring and Efficient, Transparent, accountable and Cost-Effective Organization at all levels.
2. Award of contracts in a transparent manner in the best interest of the Government and ensuring maintenance of all round integrity as well as best possible standards and adequate supervision.
3. Efficient and prompt operation, maintenance and upkeep of various services such as embankments, storms water drains effluent irrigation channels and tubewells etc.
4. To provide widely dispersed network of Wireless Centers with suitable complaint recording and monitoring system during monsoon/flood season where complaints are received and immediately registered for disposal in a time bound manner.
5. Ensuring attending of routine complaints within 24 hours.
6. Providing round the clock emergency essential maintenance services for the public of rural villages during monsoon/flood season.
7. Display names, designation, addresses, telephone numbers of all officers up to the rank of Executive Engineers, in all control rooms, and also the name, designation, address and telephone number of the next superior officer to whom complaint can be made incase of unresolved grievances and complaints.
8. Make available information booklets containing details of services rendered by I & F department during monsoons/flood season in the form of Flood Control Order.


1. To extend all assistance and co-operation to the maintenance staff in carrying out their bonafide duties.
2. Not to tamper with the equipment and installation of the department and ensure that the electrical installation are not overloaded due to unauthorized connections.
3. To be vigilant about public property e.g. river embankments, storm-water drains and their embankments, tube-wells,irrigation channels as well as government land along drains and embankments.
4. Not to throw garbage/malba in the drains of the I& F department, which besides creating unhygienic conditions in the area, will also lead to drainage congestion and entail extra financial burdon on the exchequer in removal of the same.
5. To bring to the notice of senior officers of the department genuine grievances not attended to at the lower levels.
6. To feel free to write to the department for any constructive suggestions,for further improving this Charter. These suggestions may be addressed to :-

The Chief Engineer(I&F) Zone-I                                                                
Irrigation & Flood Control Department,
L.M. Bund Office Complex,
Shastri Nagar,

Tel. No. 22424989, E-mail : ceifcd@gmail.com


1. TheGovernment of Delhi has given an important right to the citizens to get the information under the "Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001". The Act has come into force w.e.f. 2-10-2001 and citizens can make an application in Form-A to the Competent Authorities notified under the Act. A nominal fee of Rs. 25/- will be charged for supply if information as prescribed under the Rules.
2. The Act guarantees that the information, which can be given to citizens,will be given within 30 days and in case it is to be denied then the applicant will get a rejection letter with cogent reasons for rejecting his application within the prescribed period.
3. It provides for right to appeal in Public Grievances Commission.
4. The Act provides for a unique provision for punitive action against the officials in the form of a fine @ Rs. 50/- per day for delay and Rs.1000/- for tendering wrong information.


S.No. Work / Activity / Scheme Authority Time limit for disposal Authority & Designation to which an appeal is to be made in case the application is not disposed off within the time limit. Time limit for disposal of the appeal.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
1. Refund of earnest money of unsuccessful tenders
(after decision on the tenders)
Executive Engineer Concerned 7 days Superintending Engineer
7 days
2. Registration of contractors
a) Intimation of Deficiencies
Chief Engineer 15 days Secretary (I&F) 7 days
b) Intimation of
registration after
removal of deficiencies.
30 days 7 days
3. Decision on tenders
a) For works costing less than Rs.10 lakhs.
Concerned Executive Engineer 60 days Superintending Engineer 7 days
b) For works estimated to cost more than 10 lakh but less than 70 lakhs. Concerned E.E

Concerned Superintending Engineer

10 days

50 days

60 days

Chief Engineer 10 days
c) For works estimated to cost more than 70 lakhs
Concerned E.E
Concerned S.E
Chief Engineer ( Irrigation & Flood) for works costing upto Rs. 250 lakh, and with the approval of Works Advisory Board for works costing more than Rs. 250 lakh.
10 days
10 days
40 days

60 days
Secretary (I&F) 10 days
4. Payment to contractors after completion of the work
a)If the tendered value of the work is upto Rs. 5 lac.
Executive Engineer Concerned 3 months after submission of final bill Superintending Engineer
15 days
b)IF the tendered value of the work exceeds Rs. 5 lac. 6 months after submission of final bill.

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