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1.    The Chief Engineer :


The department functions on Zonal basis headed by a Chief Engineer. All working particulars zone are handled by Chief Engineer. For the field set- up each zone has field Circles and Divisions. For the office set up one financial officer and one section officer is provided to assist the Chief Engineer to handle the financial matter.


2.    Superintending Surveyor of Works :


The SSW is mainly responsible for scrutiny of design/drawing estimates and N.I.T. of all works costing more than Rs.4.0 crores, checking of extra deviation for the circle office. He can also test check the measurements of important works before payment when desired by the Chief Engineer(I&F). The main function of the SSW is to give all necessary assistance to CE(I&F) as he has to attend technical matters. He is also look after the work related to Right to Information Act.


3.    Superintending Engineer :


A Circle officer is an administrative officer under the charge of Superintending Engineer. IT co-ordinates and supervises the activities of four to six Divisions employed on construction and/ or maintenance works. It maintains close liaison with the office of Chief Engineer in regard to works and all technical matters and with the Central Office in regard to Administrative matters concerning personnel of various categories numbering 3,000 to 4,000. It also works in close contract with the Architectural Wing, Central Design office and office of the Superintending surveyor of Works for layout, designs and drawings and estimates of the works entrusted to its charge.  The budgetary control of the Divisions under each Circle with the Superintending Engineer, who, in turn, is accountable in this respect to the Chief Engineer concerned.


The Superintending Engineer is required to examine the books of Divisional office and sub-divisional offices during his inspection and see that the matter relating to accounts are attended to personally by the concerned officers. He has to keep a strict watch  on expenditure to ensure that there is no excess and that the system of management prevailing in the units is efficient and economical.


4.    Surveyor of Works :


The SW is mainly responsible for scrutiny of design/drawing estimates and N.I.T.s of all works costing more than Rs. 4.0 crores, checking of extra deviation for the Circle office. He can also test check the measurements of important works before payment when desired by SSW to the Chief Engineer (I&F). The main function of the SW is to give all necessary assistance to SSW to CE(I&F) as he has to attend technical matters. He also look after the matter related to Enlistment of the Contractors.


5.    Executive Engineer :


A Divisional office under the charge of a Executive Engineer, is an executive unit directly concerned with procurement of men, material and machinery for speedy and economic execution of the works in its charge and is directly responsible for proper up keep of the works account and implementation of the terms of contract entered into with various parties viz. Contractors, and supervisors.


The Executive Engineer being the Divisional Officer is also responsible for correct compilation of the works Accounts through the Junior Account officer/ Divisional Accountant attached to the Division.  The Divisional officer is primarily responsible for furnishing timely information in case of likelyhood of excess over the estimated cost of the works under his charge.  He is required to inspect, at least once a year, the more important buildings and work under his charge and is responsible for proper measures to be taken to preserve them in good condition and prevent encroachment on Government land and buildings under his charge. Unlike in the circle office different branches exists in the Divisional office to deal with works, administration, accounts and contracts, and technical matters and to apply the Superintending Engineer, Chief Engineers and Central Office with preliminary date and information on several points for submission to higher authorities/ other Department.


6.    Assistant Engineer :


A Sub-divisional office under the charge of an Assistant Engineer or Assistant Executive Engineer is  the field unit responsible for supervision and execution of works, according to the norms and standards laid down in designs, drawings and estimates. The successful achievement of the targets fixed by the Department for completion of each projects with due consideration for quality and economy and/ or the proper maintenance of the buildings, structures, areas and equipment under his charge mainly depends on the faithful implementation by the Assistant Engineer/ Assistant Executive Engineer and Junior Engineer working under him of the policies and general order of the department.


Preparation of the works Accounts and Stores Accounts is the responsibility of the Assistant Engineers/ Assistant Executive Engineer concerned.  He has to ensure the proper maintenance of the stores under his charge, their accounts both quantitatively as well as in monetary terms and weeding out unserviceable structures, areas and equipment under his charge once in every six months (to inspect  their condition form safety point of ivews0 and record a certificate of that effect.


7.    Assistant Surveyor of Works :


        The duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Surveyor of Works as under:-


   (i)   Scrutiny of estimate in Division office upto to 45 lacs and  Scrutiny  of estimate above 45 lacs i.e. upto 2.50 crores in  circle office and Scrutiny of estimate above 2.5 crores i.e. upto 10 crores with the help of Surveyor of Work in Chief Engineer office with the Assistance of Surveyor of Works.

   (ii)          Preparation of NIT upto 45 lacs in Division office and above 45 lacs i.e. upto 2.5 crores in circle office and Scrutiny of NIT above 2.5 crores i.e. upto 10 crores with the help of Surveyor of Works.


8.    Junior Engineer :


As Junior Engineers is the primary element in the executive unit.  He is responsible both for the execution of work and maintenance of accounts with which he is concerned.


1.           To collect engineering data for estimates and prepare rough drawings and site plans connected therewith.

2.           To supervise and see that all works under his charge are done according to the specifications, drawings, standards laid down and approved samples.

3.           To keep Government material, T & P in his custody and care; maintain proper accounts of receipts issue and balances, arrange adequate watch and ward.

4.           To record measurements of work done by the contractor/ departmental labour.

5.           To prepare abstract of measurement at the time of preparation of bills.

6.           To maintain the prescribed registers/ accounts like cement register; cube register; curing register; register of testing of fine aggregate. MAS account site order book, Account of temporary advances; Imprest Accounts, Stock Account ; T & P Account; standard M.B.s etc.

7.           To verify bills, AT.D. etc.

8.           To submit required returns to his superior officer.

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