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1. Protecting the city of Delhi from floods in River Yamuna, by construction, strengthening and maintenance of marginal embankments including planning execution and maintenance of flood protection & river training works

2. Protecting the city of Delhi against floods in Sahibi Nadi- Najafgarh Nallah basin by maintenance of Dhansa Bund, Najafgarh drain and construction of a new drain, called Supplementary Drain.

3. To provide drainage to Delhi area through various trunk storm-water drains having more than 1000 cusecs capacity.

4. Effective monitoring of the flood situation in the river basin during the floods and to take all precautionary/preventive measures to avoid any untoward situation including emergent flood protection/flood fighting measures, if such a situation arises.

5. To provide irrigation facilities to the cultivators of Delhi through State Tube Wells, and to provide treated effluents water (available from various Sewage Treatment Plants at Okhla, Keshopur & Coronation Pillar) for farming.

Besides the above main functions of the Department, Irrigation & Flood Control Department is also entrusted with planning and execution of various types of civil works to be executed on behalf of different Departments of Govt. of Delhi such as Rural Development, SC/ST works, DUDA, Panchayat, Trans Yamuna Area Development Board, U.D. Deptt., Wild Life and Forest, Horticulture etc.


The representations of the Residents Welfare Associations, which are generally received through their local MLA/MP, are forwarded to the concerned Executive Engineers, Who study the necessity of demanded works. The divisions do frames draft schemes (project estimates) for execution of the demanded capital works. The draft schemes are scrutinized internally by the concerned circle offices and CE (I&F) office. IF any scheme is found to be feasible and acceptable in public interest, a provision of requisite funds for the same is made in the relevant Annual Plan, and such new schemes are placed before the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the department which is chaired by the Secretary (I&F), with Heads of various local bodies (or their authorized representatives) as members. A representative of the Central Govt. (Central Water Commission-Min. of Water resources) viz. Director (UT), is also a member of the TAC. If the cost of the scheme exceeds Rs. 100.00 lacs, it is again placed before the Flood Control Board, for clearance. The Flood Control Board is chaired by Hon'ble Minister of Development, Irrigation & Flood Control, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi with some other MLA's as members. When the cost of the scheme exceeds Rs. 10 crores, the scheme needs clearance from the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) of Govt. of Delhi with Hon'ble Finance Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, as its chairman.

When once a scheme has been cleared through the appropriate Committee/Board, its administrative approval and Expenditure sanction (A/A & E/S) is issued either by the Head of the Deptt. Or by the Finance Deptt. Of Govt. of Delhi, as per the delegated financial powers. Presently, HOD enjoys a sanctioning power of Rs. 85 lakh.

The scheme is taken up for execution, after its A/A & E/S has been issued by the competent authority, and sufficient yearly required budget provision has been made in the approved annual plans.

Tendering process:-

After the A/A & E/S of a scheme is issued, the Executive Engineer concerned prepares a detailed estimates, for its technical sanction by a competent Authority, as per CPWD practice and norms.

The tenders for the works are  invited through E-Tendering and circulating the NIT (Notice Inviting Tenders) to all the divisions & contractors Welfare Associations. The Tenders are also advertised through the website of Govt. of Delhi. The Tender notice contains the estimated cost, time allowed for completion of the work, earnest money required, dates of sale & opening of tenders, After the receipt & opening of tenders by EE's, they are evaluated & scrutinized by various officers and lowest tender is accepted by the competent authority. At present, the powers of various officers to accept tenders are as under
Executive Engineers - Rs. 10 lakhs (Rs. 15 lakhs where AE (Planning) is posted).
Superintending Engineer - Rs. 100.00 lakhs.
Chief Engineer - Rs. 400 lakhs.
Chief Engineer with prior approval of Works Advisory Board (WAB)- full powers.

Machinery for Inspection and Quality Control:-

After a work is awarded, it is executed by the contractor under the strict supervision of the Field staff viz. Junior Engineer, Assistant Engineer & Executive Engineer. Superintending Engineers and Chief Engineer also inspect the site of works as per exigencies and a strict control on the quality & workmanship as per contract agreement and CPWD specifications is maintained by conducting field tests and laboratory tests through departmental laboratory and other reputed laboratories on the samples collected during the progress of the work.
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